Construction systems

Ossature bois Bidart
Ossature bois Bidart


Prefabricated timber frame

A particularly insulating system, it consists of a solid wood structure, horizontal stringers and vertical uprights, covered with rigid bracing and filled with one or more layers of thermal and acoustic insulation.


Structurally insulated panels (SIP)

SIP panels consist of an insulating layer forming a rigid core, sandwiched between two layers of structural panels.

System allowing total design flexibility, easy and fast construction, even in difficult terrain and extreme climates.

Save money on construction and household bills, and live sustainably in an energy-efficient home that exceeds all applicable government regulations.

Reducing the environmental impact is at the heart of our approach. We are driven by the preservation of nature and sustainable development.

MOODWOOD Villas means unparalleled speed of construction, versatility and energy efficiency thanks to our highly efficient construction systems for the construction of passive and low-energy buildings.

Carbon neutrality and respect for the environment

Designing an ecological, sustainable and responsible wooden habitat of tomorrow.

A wooden house is a real ecological house. Indeed, by choosing wood, you considerably reduce CO2 emissions. You thus achieve carbon neutrality.

Opting for a MoodWood villa allows you to significantly reduce your consumption and your expenses.

The quality of construction of our ecological houses allows you to benefit from optimal thermal and sound insulation.

All our materials are of high quality and fully contribute to the creation of a durable, responsible and comfortable structure.

An autonomous ecological house.

Of course, a healthy and well-insulated habitat is essential to be able to reduce its energy consumption, heat its habitat without loss and therefore use only what is necessary. We realize our ecological houses taking into account these criteria.

Thus, MoodWood villas are perfectly suited for the installation of solutions aimed at partial or complete autonomy.

Indeed, by combining wood and autonomy, you adjust your water and energy consumption. This allows you to use only the necessary resources, and that's good for the planet and for your wallet!

Schéma panneau SIP
Schéma panneau SIP
Maison modulaire
Maison modulaire

Prefab Modular Homes


Modular buildings are made in the production workshop in the form of individual units or “modules”.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the modules are delivered to the site where they are mounted on a pre-prepared base. The modules are connected together to form the whole house. Then the modules are connected to the distribution networks, so that customers can fit into their homes almost immediately.

Maison ossature bois Aquitaine
Maison ossature bois Aquitaine
Ecological Affordable Flexible Fast

Avant-garde, the SIP panels and designed with respect for the environment, they have the most efficient insulation on the market.

Maison panneau SIP
Maison panneau SIP

The "classic" timber frame or SIP panel construction systems are excellent solutions for the construction of modular buildings.